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Shri Radhakrishna Ujjwal Social Trust (Regd.)


Introduction- On 25-5-2023 Mr. Udayveer Singh S/o Late Mr. Harish Chandra Resident House No.621/1, Madhav Puram Police Station Brahmpuri District Meerut City by a Has formed a trust named Shri Radhakrishna Ujjwal Social Trust (Registered)
The number 202300734031716 has been kept which is book number4, volume number 459 From page number 285 to 300 has been registered at number 366 whose The trustee is Udayveer Singh. Functions and objectives of the trust-
1- This organization organizes religious benefit work related to religious institutions from time to time.
To do / operate on.
2- Running the temple in the public interest by the trust, religious yagya and story from place to place
To propagate religion through discourse.
3-Renovation of temples and religious places for social welfare by the trustOperate under supervision.
4-For social service and welfare schemes to increase income by the organizationto work.
5-Plantation by this organization to promote natural beauty environment Doing.
6- Arrangement of marriage etc. of poor poor girls from time to time by the organization Doing.

7-by the organization to the poor and blind and economically weak people Self-supporting physically challenged, blind, destitute people to educate Establishment of half school and training center to make blind and physicallyIn the society and the country by making physically disabled people educated and efficient To help improve their standard of living.

8- This institution free residential school for blind poor children across the country And manage and operate the hostel.

9-Primary School and Junior High School, Ayurvedic Center, Medical

Establishment and operation of college, university.
10-It is natural for this institution to establish and operate a Yoga Center and Ashram. And to operate by awakening the society towards Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition.
11-Care of the person and society suffering from natural calamity by this organization Tax handling
12- Various works are done by the organization to make poor girls efficient.By giving knowledge like sewing machine center, beautician, parlour, domestic papad industry etc.To work and operate
2- Name of the Trustee of the Trust Mr. Udayveer Singh S/o late Mr. Harish Chandra resident House No.621/1, Madhav Puram Police Station Brahmpuri District Meerut-Founder/Chairman-9897165323,
3-Established Trust:- Date 25-5-2023 Registered No.2002300734031716.
4-email no. leetpatankatrapandnarrunsenujtanez/humpsanbuu chentak 99997475646n/
5-Head Office of the Trust- Krishna Vihar Bhola Road, Police Station TP Nagar, District Meerut.
6-Branch Office of the Trust- Krishnavihar Hardev Nagar, Road 25 Foota Bhola RoadPolice Station TP Nagar Meerut.
7-Officer of Trust-1- Mr. Udayveer Singh S/o late Mr. Harish Chandra resident House No.621/1, Madhav Puram Police Station Brahmpuri Meerut (Chairman) Mo-9897165323,9997475646
(2) Mrs. Krishna Verma, wife of Mr. Udayveer, resident of Rohini, Delhi (Vice President) – Mohd. 8057355205
(3) Mr. Sheesh Pal Singh S/o Mr. Harish Chandra Resident of Paut Dr. Balka District Bulandshahr (Treasurer) Mo- 9761612006
(4) Mrs. Meena Devi, wife of Mr. Sheesh Pal, resident of Paut Dr. Balka District Bulandshahr (Secretary) Mo- 9720334927