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Shri Radha Krishna Ujjawal Samajik Trust

Composed on 25-5-2023 by Shri Udayveer Singh S/o Late Shri Harish Chandra Resident House No.621/1, Madhav Puram Police Station Brahmpuri District Meerut City by a Has formed a trust named Shri Radhakrishna Ujjwal Social Trust (Registered) The number 202300734031716 has been kept which is book number 4, volume number 459 From page number 285 to 300 has been registered at number 366 whose The trustee is Udayveer Singh.

Donation are exempted under sec 80(g) of income tax act 1961 your donation is the life of blinds
unique registration number abgts8283cf2023101

Mission is Give for People

Some People Need Help And We Give It!

we’ll explore some of the ways in which people come together to provide help for those who need it most.

We’re worldwide non-profit charity.

Give A Helping Hand For Needy People

There are many ways one can give a helping hand for needy people. This could be through volunteering time or resources, making donations or simply spreading awareness about social issues affecting underprivileged communities.

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